Our Team

Our Team


Dr. Hannes Koornhof

One will always feel at ease when treated by our Haematologist, Dr. Hannes Koornhof. He is an expert in his field and kindness is the cornerstone of his daily interactions.

Dr. Pieter De Witt

Dr. Pieter De Witt is a brilliant Haematologist, a realist and his support has no boundaries. He always treats his patients with the utmost care, precision and respect.

Dr. Michael Cass

Dr. Michael Cass the newest edition to our team. He is a widely respected Haematologist that always walks the extra mile for his patients.

Dr. Liza Stockland

Dr. Liza Stockland is our medical officer and palliative care specialist. Her grounding spirit will help find glimmers of hope in these trying times


Sr Maryna

Sister Maryna is our transplant coordinator. She ensures that transplants are handled efficiently. Her warm communication will ensure that you are well prepared for treatment. Feel free to contact her for any donor or transplant queries.

Sr Ina

Sister Ina is our oncology sister and the head of our nursing staff. She is enduring and caring, and her smile can brighten even the worst days. Feel free to contact her regarding any chemotherapy questions.


Anne is our staff nurse. Hers is the warm and friendly face that you will see in our treatment room. She is soft and caring and will make you feel safe and cared for in her capable hands.


Sr Patricia

Sister Patricia is our compassionate and hard-working registered nurse. Apart from creating each unique patient's treatment plan, she also assists with treatment and care in our clinic.



Our approachable pharmacy assistant, Cecilene, organizes and stores all of the medication needed for our patients. Please contact her for any medication related enquiries.



Kirstie is our social worker. She is available to work with patients and family members in coping with the cancer journey. She will provide support services such as counselling, advocacy, and social support. Please contact her with any emotional needs, or for insurance claims.


Dr. Vanessa Marais is our clinical psychologist. She specialises in oncology and provides patients with psychotherapy for any mental illnesses and emotional difficulties associated with the experience of having cancer.

Allied Health Care


Liana is our very capable physiotherapist that will help to keep you mobilized throughout your in-hospital treatments. She is a kind and valued member of the team, always working with the patients’ best interests in her heart.


Stephanie will visit you when you are in hospital to discuss your diet and to assist you with a healthy eating plan that will assist your recovery. She is our very sweet dietician and patients always enjoy her consults.



Janine is one of the friendly voices that you will hear over the phone when you call Haemalife. Her positive attitude is infectious and she will always greet you with a smile.


Michaan is the other friendly voice that you will hear when you call Haemalife. Her outgoing personality will bring a smile to your face, even on the gloomiest of days.


Yzelle is our very warm and welcoming patient management coordinator. She is incredibly proficient and accommodating when organising your hospital and treatment bookings.


Judith is our practice hostess and the glue that keeps our team together. She aims to please and will make sure you have all you need during your visits to the practice.



Nuraan works with the medical aids to ensure that authorisation for treatments are given in time. She never gives up and you can rest assured knowing that she will get the job done.


Jean is Haemalife’s minister of finance, and the person respon-sible for billing and submitting statements to the medical aid.


Adel is our determined credit controller. She is the brave person that communicates with the medical aids regarding claim rejections. She will gladly assist you with any account queries.